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JabCast Secure Realtime Communication(SRC) System

Welcome to the future. The JabCast future. This is where you'll meet the JabCast Secure Realtime Communication (SRC) System. We believe JabCast SRC is the world's most exciting communication product.

Yes. "Most exciting" IS a big call.

But JabCast SRC is a BIG, BIG product.

JabCast SRC is the world's first SECURE Realtime Communication System. We believe it's also the first UNIVERSAL Realtime system too. JabCast SRC is capable of taking what other companies call Instant Messaging where it's never dared go before: To Business, Government and Industry.

And doing it Secure. Stable. And Scalable.

That's why we talk about Realtime Communication. It's why we mention Instant Messaging only in a historic context or as the given name of other systems. Because for JabCast, Instant Messaging as most people understand it is just the beginning.







JabCast is a tool for Business, Government and Industry. Instant Messaging is a toy for chat, where speed and flexibility is everything and Security is barely considered.

For JabCast SRC, Security is central.

So you know all about IM? You were there for ICQ? Grew up with Jabber and loved its XML flexibility?

Well, hook on with JabCast for the NEXT generation: JabCast SRC System. Secure Realtime Communication for Compaq's OpenVMS platform, Secure Realtime Communication for Windows 2000 Advanced Server and the huge range of possibilities that development opens up. Secure Realtime Communication for Linux and Unix.

On this site we aim to answer most of your questions. But most of all to excite your imagination. Because with JabCast SRC the future is Today. Tomorrow is too late. And the Future has no limits...